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M.Ed. in Special Education with emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis

For more information about the BCBA Program, you can listen to an interview with Dr. Rob O'Neill from the Department of Special Education and Dr. Aaron Fischer from the Department of Educational Psychology. The podcast interview was conducted and prepared by ABA Technologies, Inc. 

BCBA Podcast Interview

Graduates will learn to work with children and adults with or without disabilities. They will learn many concepts and strategies for behavior analysis that they can use in a variety of settings. Check out the BACB Certification Board and BCBA Examination Pass Rate Datafor more information.

Students Will Learn

Varied behavior analysis processes

diverse application strategies

to work with Diverse populations

to work in varied settings

Other Study Requirements

Besides the courses above, other study requirements must be completed to earn the M.S. degree. 

  • Establish a Supervisory Committee
  • Qualifying Examination
  • Thesis
  • Continuous Enrollment
  • Master's Degree Residency Requirement

Questions? Ask our Program Contacts

Kaitlin Lindsey

Academic Advisor

Kathleen Strickland-Cohen

Assistant Professor
Program Coordinator 


Last Updated: 10/26/23