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Graduate Student Support

Funding available:  October 2019 – September 2024

Project TVISP: Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments and School Psychologists Collaborating through an Interdisciplinary Program to Improve Services

Personnel Preparation Grant

The grant will provide scholars $13,500 per year ($5,000 Fall and Spring semesters; $3,500 Summer semester). Scholars may be eligible for a 50% tuition benefit (waiver) Fall and Spring semesters.  Applications are currently being accepted prior to summer semesters. Check deadline information below.

Eligible Applicants

Individuals interested in becoming a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments or a School Psychologist. Scholars must be working toward a Master’s degree in Special Education/Visual Impairments or Educational Specialist in School Psychology.
Applicants must be admitted scholars beginning their program (or submitted a complete application for admission) prior to the selected semester application deadline noted below. Full-time program completion is required (i.e., graduates = 9 credits per semester).


Application Deadline

The deadline to submit grant applications is 4:00 pm:
                   March 1st for Summer Semester

Applications received after that deadline may not be considered.

Grant Recipients

            Notifications will be made to applicants within 6 weeks, either by phone or email.

Submission Information

Submit a hardcopy of the completed application and all other required information by the deadline, addressed to Dr. Chris Bischke, Department of Special Education or mail to:

Dr. Chris Bischke
Director, Multi-University Consortium
University of Utah
Dept. Of Special Education
1721 Campus Center Drive, SAEC 2280
Salt Lake City UT  84112


Last Updated: 10/29/19