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Student Advisory Committee

Membership on the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) offers an important opportunity to serve the Department. The SAC provides a structured mechanism for thoughtful student input regarding instructional competencies of faculty being reviewed for Retention/Promotion/Tenure (R/P/T). If you have the desire to serve on this committee, we encourage you to contact one of the current SAC Board Members listed below.

Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell (Doctoral Candidate)

Student Advisory Committee Chair

 SAC 2021-2022

SAC 2021-2022 Class Standing Name Email Address
Chair PhD Michael Farrell
Early Childhood UNDERGRAD Rachel Condie
GRAD Cheri Blue
Mild/Moderate UNDERGRAD    


Sensory (Visual Impairments|D/HH) UNDERGRAD    
Severe UNDERGRAD Lauren Haslam
GRAD Michael Farrell

Deafblind GRAD    

The following is a description of SAC activities adopted by the Department:

"The Student Advisory Committee will function as an independent group. As such, the SAC will have access to and will review all department course evaluations gathered over the period of appointment of the professor(s) being reviewed for Retention/Promotion/Tenure. The SAC may conduct additional reviews as deemed necessary, given a written rationale and purpose for such reviews. However, all data collected and reviewed on instructional capabilities of the professor(s) undergoing review will be carefully analyzed and reported. The Department Chairperson will be the liaison person with the SAC for advisory purposes.

The Department Chairperson will meet with the elected committee at least four (4) weeks prior to the time SAC recommendations are to be made on Retention/Promotion/Tenure. This meeting will be for the purpose of reviewing the overall departmental procedures for review and to specifically outline the SAC purposes and goals in relation to Retention/Promotion/Tenure."

Last Updated: 9/15/21