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Severe Disabilities Undergraduate Degree & Program Information

Kaitlyn Lindsey

Kaitlin Lindsey
Academic Advising Coordinator    

Matt Jameson

Matt Jameson
Program Coordinator   

The Severe Disabilities program prepares candidates to become leaders within their school communities by working with students with severe (low incidence) disabilities in grades K-12 and adults up to age 22. The emphasis area in Severe Disabilities prepares teachers to serve students who are in need of systematic and individualized instruction. Students will learn to design effective instruction programs, plan and deliver differentiated instruction, effectively manage school classrooms, individual behavior, and implement data-driven and evidence-based interventions. The program integrates coursework with field experience, providing candidates with classroom-based opportunities to experience and implement strategies and procedures taught in special education courses.


Severe Disabilities Program requirements
Bachelor of Science in SPED
UGRAD Student Handbook
Undergrad Admissions
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The Utah State Board of Education grants teaching licenses. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are recommended for licensure. The program requires completion of the teacher education core in special education and a sequence of specialization courses in the severe disabilities field of study. The teacher education core has been designed to provide the student with skills in essential areas of assessment, instructional design and management, behavior management, collaboration, curriculum, and legal issues in special education.

Specialization courses expand upon the skills and methods that have been introduced through the teacher education core. The courses introduce specific educational strategies that are effective for particular student populations. Each program has been structured to develop the required skills through hands-on, practical learning opportunities; therefore, the program provides multiple field-based experiences. Such experiences within the program area gives students the opportunity to observe, question, test, and modify different instructional techniques under the guidance of a trained cooperating teacher and department faculty.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, Teacher License Requirements, Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT), Foundations of Reading Test (Pearson), and successful completion of background check, students are recommended for licensure to the Utah State Board of Education. Graduates may then opt to complete additional requirements for a master’s degree.


Last Updated: 10/12/22