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Special Education at the University of Utah
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Teacher Recruiting in Mild/Moderate 2 (TRIMM 2) Licensure Project

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The TRIMM 2 Licensure Project is a partnership between the Utah State Board of Education and the University of Utah to address the critical shortage of teachers serving students with mild/moderate disabilities.

The TRIMM 2 Project is sponsored by IDEA funds from The Utah State Board of Education. Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis to selected candidates who will receive $5,000 per year for two consecutive years.

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University Of Utah Sensory Impairment Programs

 Special education means specially designed instruction to ensure a free and appropriate education for students regardless of the extent or type of their disability. The Department of Special Education prepares special education teacher candidates and general education teacher candidates to work with students with disabilities in the areas of mild/moderate disabilities, severe disabilities, early childhood special education, vision impairments, and students who are deaf & hard of hearing. At the graduate level, the Department of Special Education prepares tomorrow's leaders in the field at both the master's and doctoral degree levels.

The preparation of teachers and leadership personnel includes adaptation of curriculum, accommodation to meet student needs, collaboration with schools and the community, assessment of student abilities, behavioral interventions, special education policy, and legal issues.

What's Happening in SPED

Mickey IbarraSPED Alumnus, Mickey Ibarra, receives Mexico's highest honor - the Ohtli Award.

For Mickey Ibarra, advocacy has always been a way of life. That lifetime of advocacy has earned Ibarra the highest honor bestowed by the Government of Mexico — the Ohtli Award — in recognition of his contributions to the well-being, prosperity and empowerment of Latino communities in the U.S. Read more about Mickey >>



Kristin Kladis

Kristin Kladis
PhD May 2018

"When I started the PhD program in the Special Education Department through the College of Education, I had no idea how this experience would positively impact my life both professionally and personally. This experience has allowed me to grow professionally and has opened many doors for me.  My favorite part of my graduate program has been the collaboration with Special Education faculty at the University of Utah and across the country.  I value the priceless opportunity to learn from leaders in the field of special education."

Published Study

Use of a Creative Dance Intervention Package to Increase Social Engagement and Play Complexity of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The study, published in the June edition of Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, examined methods for increasing the quality of play of three preschool-aged children with autism who were in classes primarily comprised of children without disabilities. Therefore, the interventions chosen for the study were ones that all children in the preschool classrooms could enjoy without singling out the children with autism.

Read more about this study>>

Chris BischkeThe Department of Special Education/Multi-University Consortium Teacher Preparation Program in Sensory Impairments has been awarded a Teacher Preparation Grant from the Office of Special Education Programs of the U.S. Department of Education. This five year project will provide $1,244,230 to support the preparation of teachers who will work with students with sensory impairments (students who are Deaf and Hard of hearing, Visual Impairments and Deafblind). The grant will be managed by principal investigator Dr. Chris Bischke. Scholars will receive $5,000 per semester for up to six semesters.  Graduate scholars may be eligible for a tuition waiver. Interested persons can contact Dr. Bischke at (


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