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Licensure to Teach Special Education

The Utah State Board of Education grants teaching licenses. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are recommended for licensure. The program requires completion of the teacher education core in special education and a sequence of specialization courses in the mild/moderate disabilities field of study. The teacher education core has been designed to provide the student with skills in essential areas of assessment, instructional design and management, behavior management, collaboration, curriculum, and legal issues in special education.

In preparing for a Utah Professional Educator License in Special Education, students must select one of the following endorsement areas. Endorsement areas are then added to the student’s License in Special Education. A Special Education Professional Educator License specifies what students are qualified to teach (e.g., Special Education). The endorsement program that students select specifies additional content they qualify for. For example, grade level, a specific class, or a niche-subject area. The endorsement verifies that a student has acquired an additional specialized skill set.

Each program has been structured to develop the required skills through hands-on, practical learning opportunities; therefore, the program provides multiple field-based experiences. Such experiences within the program area give students the opportunity to observe, question, test, and modify different instructional techniques under the guidance of a trained cooperating teacher and department faculty.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, Teacher License Requirements, Praxis II examination (#5354 or #5543), Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT), Foundations of Reading Test (Pearson), and successful completion of background check, students are recommended for licensure to the Utah State Board of Education.

ESL Endorsement

Upon completion of ESL courses, students seeking an ESL Endorsement must take the English to Speakers of Other Languages Praxis Test #5362 in order to receive the Endorsement from the State.


Last Updated: 4/13/23