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Interdisciplinary Preparation of Early Childhood Professionals for Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention

Funding available: Fall 2023, Fall 2024, and Fall 2025

For those interested in becoming an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and working in Early Childhood Special Education or Early Intervention (Birth-3 Home Visiting) settings.

$29,000 over two years for tuition and related costs for your degree!  


Project IPEP is a project funded through the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Interdisciplinary Training Grant and provides funded training (scholarships) for early intervention/early childhood special education students at the University of Utah while also advancing their skills in interdisciplinary collaboration through coordinated coursework and field experiences with social worker students. Scholars in Project IPEP will also gain specialized knowledge in infant mental health, the impacts of trauma, and supporting young children with high intensity social emotional needs in early intervention and educational settings.


Gain specialized knowledge in and more:

Interprofessional collaboration through coordinated coursework and internships with social workers (specialized coordinated practicum in year 2 during spring break)

Infant mental health, early social emotional development, and how to support families and young children with or at risk of disabilities

Evidence-based practices for supporting the early development/education of young children receiving services in early intervention and early childhood education settings

Competencies in leadership and systems change in early childhood education

Eligible Applicants

Students must be working toward a Master’s Degree in Special Education and initial licensure in Early Childhood Special Education. The grant provides $14,500per year in stipends and travel support for two years - total of $29,000!! Graduate students might be eligible for a tuition waiver in addition to the stipend (Fall and Spring Semesters - 50% max and varies by year and number of benefits available/not guaranteed).

Last Updated: 9/22/23