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Adapted Physical Education Master's Program

Grades K-12 and Adults Up to 22

Graduates prepare to provide specialized physical education to students with diverse abilities. The APE program offers hands-on learning opportunities in local schools through U-FIT. To become certified students must pass the APENS exam. The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities is the exam sponsor.


Students Will Learn

design effective pe programs

plan & deliver specialized instruction

effectively manage pe classes


Other Study Requirements

Besides the courses above, other study requirements must be completed to earn the M.S. degree. 

  • Establish a Supervisory Committee
  • Qualifying Examination
  • Thesis
  • Continuous Enrollment
  • Master's Degree Residency Requirement

Questions? Ask our Program Contacts

Kaitlin Lindsey

Academic Advisor


Last Updated: 5/9/24