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Alleviating Critical Rural Educator Shortages in Severe Disabilities (ACRES-SD II)


The project has the goals of developing, implementing, and evaluating a system for ensuring recruitment, employment, and retention of highly qualified special education teachers.


The primary components of the ACRES-SD include:

The delivery of a comprehensive, research-based teacher training programs in rural and remote school  districts in Utah.

ACRES will provide an accessible alternative preparation program that meets the needs of school districts by establishing a flexible admissions program based on district recommendations.

Teacher candidates prepared through the U of U distance alternative program will have access to courses and field experiences that are congruent with the campus based licensure programs.

Students will receive stipend support that will help to cover tuition and related expenses. Graduate students will receive $9,000 per year and tuition benefits (dependent upon availability), Undergraduates will receive $5,000 per year.

Courses and field experiences will be provided jointly by U of U faculty and core adjunct faculty teaching via department and college owned Internet based Video Conferencing (IVC) systems, or live on-site with faculty from the cooperating school districts.

Eligible Applicants

Prospective students must hold a B. A. or B. S. degree from an accredited university and obtain a district recommendation. In addition, students must provide admissions committee with two addition letters of recommendation. Get more information from your district special education director or contact the program staff.

Last Updated: 5/18/23