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Project TRIMM

Teacher Recruiting in Mild/Moderate Licensure


The Teacher Recruiting in Mild/Moderate (TRIMM) Licensure project has scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students seeking initial licensure in Special Education with Mild/Moderate specialization. 

TRIMM Scholarships are supported with IDEA funds from the Utah State Board of Education to address the critical shortage of teachers serving students with mild/moderate disabilities in Utah.

TRIMM Scholarships are made on a competitive basis and provide up to 2 years of funding for the following students:

Up to $12,000

for graduate students each year

Up to $7,500

for undergraduate students each year

Up to $7,500

for students seeking Licensure Only

Eligible Applicants

Candidates must be on track to complete their program requirements for their initial teaching license with a Bachelor's degree, teaching license with a Master's degree, or a teaching license only.

Last Updated: 6/7/24