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Interdisciplinary Scholarship for Advancing APE and CSD Collaboration


The Adapted Physical Education (APE) Program in the Department of Special Education and the Speech-Language Pathology Program in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) have been awarded a five-year, $1 million U.S. Department of Education grant to prepare graduate-level adapted physical educators and speech-language pathologists. The grant, Project ISAACC (Interdisciplinary Scholarship for Advancing APE and CSD Collaboration), will prepare highly qualified candidates to serve students with disabilities through an interdisciplinary program of study in which they will learn alongside and from members in the other program en route to their master's degrees.

Admitted scholars on this grant will receive $20,000 each year of the two-year APE Program. Applicants will be considered for tuition waivers on a competitive basis.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must have undergraduate concentrations in physical education from an accredited institution and be eligible for physical education licensure upon entry into the APE Program at the University of Utah.

Last Updated: 4/11/23