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Doctoral Qualifying Examination Evaluation Form

Effective Spring 2006




Section 1: Written Product

  A1 U 2

Thorough review of the literature (i.e., key articles on topic are included - no major articles on the topic are missing).


If multiple research areas are summarized (e.g., early literacy and problem behavior), there is an integration and linking of topics versus a listing/reviewing each area separately.


Statement of the problem well defined and the need for current research study adequately outlined.


Research questions included at the end of the paper which propose to answer issues outlined in the statement of the problem.


Ideas are well organized within and across paragraphs (including appropriate use of topic and transition sentences).


Mechanics - correct us of syntax (few or no grammatical errors in sentence structure), correct us of punctuation, words spelled correctly, proofreading is evident.


Correct use of APA (title page, margins, spacing, headings, citations in text match references in reference section, abbreviations & quotations).


A1 = Acceptable U 2 = Unacceptable

Committee Member Comments on Written Product Strength and Weaknesses

Section 2: Oral Defense

  A1 U 2

Developed professional Powerpoint presentation with handouts (i.e., legible font size on slides, main points are outlined vs. including written paragraphs on slides).


Professional presentation style (i.e., presenter stands during presentation, maintains good eye contact, talks to the audience vs. reading from the screen, pause, pitch, vocal variety, appropriate use of notes as guide, uses professional rather than colloquial expressions)


Provides an adequate review of the literature and includes statement of the problem


Presentation ends with statement of research questions


Professional response to questions (defensible, organized and comprehensible responses; verbal and nonverbal communicative behaviors are responsive and encourage interaction with the audience).


Response to questions demonstrates a mastery of the literature related to the topic


Committee Member Comments on Oral Defense Strength and Weaknesses

A1 = Acceptable

U 2 = Unacceptable

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